• Transkoo

    Transkoo Wegtransport BV.
  • Powerful RokSprocket

    A multi-faceted content display module, that has support for several layout modes: Tabs, Headlines, Mosaic, Lists and Features.
    RokSprocket has a custom administrative interface that provides you with extensive controls, allowing you to configure your ultimate content layout swiftly and easily.
    A content display module, that supports several layout modes, such as Tabs.
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  • Multiple Variations

    Leviathan comes with an assortment of eight stunning preset style variations to choose and configure to your own personal tastes.
    A selection of module variations are also available, both structural and stylistic, that allow you to individually style and construct your modular content.
    Leviathan comes with an assortment of eight stunning preset style variations.
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  • DropDown Menu System

    A CSS driven dropdown menu with advanced features such as inline modules, subtext, icons, multiple columns and much more.
    Configure all options on a per menu item basis in the Menu Manager for full control. There are options for both the dropdown menu and SplitMenu.
    A CSS dropdown menu with advanced features, such as inline modules.
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Wie zijn wij?


Bram Koomans
Heeft Transkoo Wegtransport op 1 augustus 1990 opgericht.


Marlon Koomans
Administratief Medewerker
In dienst sinds 25 januari 2016                     



Sanne Koomans
Web developer en Social media Medewerker
In dienst sinds 6 november 2017



Transkoo Wegtransport 


Leen Nieuwkoop
In dienst sinds 14 december 1992

Henk Croezen
In dienst sinds 21 maart 1994


Andre de Rooy
In dienst sinds 3 mei 2004

Marchel de Rooy
In dienst sinds 1 oktober 2004  


Arjan de Geus
In dienst sinds 1 maart 2019

Bart Ijzelenberg
In dienst sinds 1 september 2013              


Satish Mahabali
In dienst sinds 1 april 2020


Raymond Wildeman
In dienst sinds 30 april 2018 





Martin Kruidenier
In dienst sinds 1 oktober 2020





Transkoo Bouwtransport


John Koomans
In dienst sinds 2 maart 2010                            



John den Brouwer
In dienst sinds 10 juli 2017